Love + T-Shirts

I have a really fun post today!   I was contacted by Allied Shirts recently to let me know about their new launch that allows you to build a custom shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt.   They very generously asked me to review one of their shirts and I gladly took them up on their offer!

The site itself is very user friendly, which is a huge plus for me.   I do love online shopping but I am not the most patient person and can easily leave a site if there are too many buttons to press!   There were tons of things that I wanted my own custom shirt to say.   I could advertise my new blog or my weddings business.   I could advertise my adorable baby boy!   I could write my name so when I introduced myself I could just point at my shirt.   I could put one of my favorite bible verses or a phrase I love.   With all the many options I choose to write the word LOVE.

To me LOVE is what makes the world go round.   A simple smile to a stranger may seem like nothing but may change that persons day.   That was love.   A sweet love note tucked in your husband's or boyfriend's jacket may take a second to do but it could make them smile and know they are being thought of.   That was love.   So many ways to show one simple four letter word.

T ShirtThis picture isn't the best representation of my new shirt but hopefully you'll get to see the color and fit.   I promise I'm not blonde, but the idea of having someone else take my picture so the word LOVE would be correct never entered my mind.   EVOL is not a word, please disregard the fact that I am facing a mirror!!

I ordered a medium and the shirts run very true to size.   What an fun way to celebrate a bachelorette or a child's birthday?   I had a wedding last year where all the bridesmaids wore a shirt saying "Team Bride" and all the groomsmen wore a shirt saying "Team Groom" during the rehearsal.    I always tell my brides to remember to keep the fun alive during the planning and the day itself.   Any excuse to add fun is a good one!

If you need a custom saying on your apparel I would highly recommend Allied Shirts for both price and options.



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