Love Notes from Mommy - Baby Bronson

Your cousin used to call you baby Bronson when you first arrived.  Where is baby Bronson?  When is baby Bronson coming home?  He still sometimes calls you that and it makes me smile.

This past weekend we went to your Granny and Papaw's house and had a great visit.  You have always been such a super sleeper, 8 hours since you were 8 weeks old and 12 hours when you were 12 weeks until present.  With great naps (I'm so sorry for all you other mom's out there.  You can be jealous).  BUT, you haven't got the hang of sleeping anywhere but your own bed.  I can't blame you for that, my pillow goes everywhere with me.  I have been known to forget my pillow in a distant hotel room and to the lucky people who found the perfect pillow - you're welcome.  To the unlucky people that were around me when I realized said horrible mistake - I'm sorry.

So in order for a semi peaceful night you slept with mommy and daddy.  You and daddy slept.  Mommy was pressed between the wall and you.  And I loved it.  It was the best night with no sleep I've had.  I snuggled my face into your head to smell your hair and be as close to you as I could.  I am so proud of you and still can't believe that I get to be your mom.  We were so blessed with you B and I'll always be here for you.  Always and forever.


Cheers to baby Bronson and parenting with sleepless nights!