Love Notes from Mommy

Bronson, today is your first Valentine's day and what a perfect day to start your love notes from mommy.   I want to write to you as many times as I can to let you know how much I love you, what I'm thinking and how much you are doing in my life.   I only hope that one day you'll be able to read these and see my heartbeat and fingerprints through the pages.

It's just me and you during the day and we are both working hard on creating and designing our own routine.   One day at a time!   As I write this you are snuggled up to be in your Moby that your GiGi bought.   It first belonged to Leo and his mommy so it's already been filled with a lot of love.   You were six weeks old a few days ago and you've already brought so much love and joy into the lives of many.   One of my biggest hopes right now is that I'm giving you too many kisses.   I love your sweet baby breaths and your sneezes are something that makes both me and your daddy laugh and smile.   I only wish that I could catch them on tape to save the sound forever.   You sneeze two or three times and then you make a little noise that sounds like a sneeze but is just you making a cute noise.   I think I'm going to have to tickle you with a feather to get you to sneeze on command!

I want you to stay so tiny forever but I also can't wait to watch you grow and help you become the man that God made you to be.   You are a miracle in the true sense of the word and I can already tell that God is going to use you in so many ways.   You have already taught me so much while you were in my womb and the six short but fast weeks that you've been on this earth.   I can only imagine what you are going to teach me in the years to come.

Daddy is at work and we are going to try to do some special things for him today.   Like clean the house do the laundry and organize dinner!!   Not really special but things that I need to do and need to be done more often.   I've waited to give you a bath until Daddy comes home and we can do it together, then eat a romantic meal for three and make some Valentine candy (that I know you are going to love some day if you have your mom's sweet tooth).   He loves me and you so much and works hard at his job and at home to provide wonderful lives for us both.   I hope that by showing love to each other you can see our love for God and for you.

I love you Brons!