Limited Custom Floral Garters

Traditions.  I love them.  Even more so when you can take a time old tradition and interject something personal making it your own.

Have you ever caught a wedding garter?  Have you ever worn one?  The garter is something that most brides opt to have.  Even when my brides don't want to have the 'garter toss' I still encourage them to wear one, just because why not?!

I 'met' Julianne via twitter.  I followed someone who mentioned her and I of course went down the rabbit trail and started stalking.  Since then I've been honored to use some beautiful custom garters in styled shoots and many of my brides have used The Garter Girl.  So much time and thought is put into a bride's gown and jewelry and your garter is just an extension of your look for the day.

With the new season and the subtle use of florals trending in weddings, The Garter Girl has created a limited collection of floral garters that are to die for!  Take a look for yourself at the way the silk flowers are incorporated into a 'simple' garter that is hand sewn with indicate detail making a piece of art.


Which one would you choose?  This new collection even has it's own Instagram account  :)


Cheers to the littlest details that make your outfit the one to remember!