I'll take a break from everything-is-bronson's-nursery and get back to everything-is-bronson's-nursery next week!   Right now I want to focus on YOU!

I created this blog as a journal for myself while I was going through IVF.   That was early last year and I'm still writing!   So I think this is going to become a permanent fixture, so to say.   I've heard that the first thing to do when starting a public blog is to define your niche.   What are you good at?   What do you like to talk about?   Do you DIY?   And most importantly what does your target audience want to read?

I'm not a mom blog.   I talk about mom stuff and baby stuff, but I can only go so far.   I'm not an expert mom (or ever plan to be) so the only thing I can do is tell you my experiences with Bronson.

I'm not a DIY blog.   I talk about DIY activities, but again I can only go so far.   I lack patience, I can't sew, I'm not great with electric saws and crazy stuff like that.   So all I can tell you about are the small projects that I create using mod podge and spray paint.

I'm not a cooking blog.   Definitely not a cooking blog!   I do enjoy cooking with my husband when we're making a big gourmet meal (which to us is anything that involves cutting up  vegetables and adding spices we can't pronounce) and I do really enjoy baking.   But I seldom bake.

I'm not a fashion blog.   I love clothes.   I have only just realized that clothes are my weakness.   I hoard clothes from years ago that I can't wear anymore but look good in my closet.   I'm starting to broaden my horizons in my closet and bring a little more color in.   I have a lot of black.   A lot.   But I'm no expert and don't plan to become one.

Take a little bit of each of the above categories and throw in a few more (weddings!!) and you have my life.   So I guess I'm a lifestyle blog!   I hope that you enjoy reading the everyday-normal-out of this world-extraordinary-imperfect life that I get to share with my husband Chad and beautiful son Bronson.   I would love for this to become a community of friends.   Please let me know if there are any specifics that you want to chat about and I'll see what I can do!