Life. Powerful. Amazing.

I'm ready.   I don't know if I've had the "rest" that I so needed but I do know that I'm ready to get back.   Back to life.   My. Life.   And along the way I'll make sure I take periods of rest.

I'm ready to start writing.   Words that are strung together into a sentence can be so powerful.   We never know how much one simple statement can mean to someone else.   So I'm looking forward to stringing words together that make sense and hopefully mean something to someone!

I have done a soft opening of my new brand and am officially going to launch sometime in late February/early March.   I love the way that my business is going, taking on a whole new light and hopefully one that shines bright like a diamond!   So anyone that is reading this on my actual website please bear with me as I continue to work behind the scenes to make this new community something that can be shared.

When I saw it hanging there I knew I had to have it.   It reminded me of my friends Liz and Ryan who live their life being and helping others to be amazing.   In the 10 days since I bought this shirt at Old Navy I have been tempted to wear it everyday, but have only worn it three times  :)  It is such a good fit for my body right now, and I love that I can tell people to be amazing!!

Be Amazing


P.S. Please ignore my eyebrows.   I need help.   Enough said.