Kentucky Derby

Just because you can't make it to the races doesn't mean you should have to miss out. The good thing about today's technology is that you can feel like you are at the races in your own living room.   Just turn on the big screen and invite your family and friends.   Now, you could leave it at that or you could go even further and throw an amazing Derby party.

What should your guests wear?   If you are going with tradition, but want people to be comfortable, then the women should wear sun dresses with hats and the men should wear khakis with a polo or button-up shirt.   Maybe you could have a voting system on the best hat!

Now what about decorations?   First things first, red roses on your food tables.   Roses scream the Kentucky Derby and you can always incorporate horses and horse shoes.   This year, the derby's colors are hot pink and brown.   So, I suggest grabbing a brown linen with hot pink napkins.   Or most party stores should have actual Kentucky Derby themed supplies.   These will include the colors red, black, gold, and white.   If you go this route, grab gold silverware and linen to keep the decor classy but neutral.   No matter what you decide to go with, I suggest grabbing two different size plates and napkins if disposable.   If in the budget, get cloth napkins because they give your guests that little feel of something extra and can be reused.   Also on top of regular cups, you can purchase some frosted cups for your mint juleps!

Speaking of which, you can choose to do one of two versions of this long time Derby tradition; the Early Times Mint Julep or the Frozen Mint Julep.   And here's a great recipe with apple juice for your non-alcoholic version.


What about food you might ask?   For this event, I would keep your menu Southern.   You could include crab cakes, shrimp, toasted pecans, pork tenderloin or grilled chicken, a fruit salad, cheese grits, and potatoes.   Obviously, these are just a few suggestions pulled from the unlimited amount of choices.   It really depends on budget and what kind of party you plan to throw.   Now, what's a derby party without some old famous Derby pie?   If you don't have anywhere close by to purchase this, here is a recipe.   Remember, a good Derby pie is best served warm with whip cream or vanilla ice cream :)

In a way, celebrating at home is better - you get to hang out with more friends and family in and around the dining area (most females) and flat screen TV (most males)!   Set up your own betting system to let everyone place guesses on who the winner will be in this 2 minute race.   The most celebrated 2 minutes of the year!

Brittanee :)

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