Jesus Loves Me This I Know

If you read my post a few weeks ago then you'll know that a huge thing in the Morelock residence is that B has started school  :)

b first birthdayHe has only been four days now.  Yesterday after school he started saying a new word that sounded like Jesus.  Then later when we were on our way to church he starts saying Jesus love me.  And it continued into a semi understandable song. Thank you Ms. Wanda and Ms. Joan for taking great care of my little boy.

When B learns a new phrase it is usually on repetition.  So 'Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me' was what we heard all the way home.  He loves playing with his friends at school and at church.  So I asked him what one of his friend's name was and he said 'Jesus'.  Thinking he didn't understand my question I asked him what his name was 'Bronson' was the response.  So he knows what the word 'name' means.  I repeat the first question 'what is your friend's name?' and the response was the same 'Jesus'.  It was like he was saying 'Mom, I get what you're saying.  I speak English.  I told you the first time my friend is called Jesus'.

Great answer Bronson, I get it  :)

He has always been a great sleeper.  Always.  Eight hours when he was 8 weeks old and twelve hours from 12 weeks until now.  Don't hate.  So when he wakes up at night we know something is wrong.  He cried about 3 am and I answered the invite.  We cuddled in his rocking chair and he was content with me holding him tight, stroking his hair and singing.

Side note - I now know what the real point was for my sorority's rush.  It was to repeat the songs/chants enough times so that when we are rocking our babies and can't remember the words to nursery rhymes we can fall back on Delta Gamma songs.

After a while I put him back to bed and stayed there a while still singing (let's go DG) and stroking his nose.  I quietly walked out of the room and by the time I got to my bed the crying started again.  He wanted his mommy.  But I knew that he needed his sleep.  So I let him cry a few minutes and as I thought he quieted himself and drifted off to sleep.

Going along with the sermon that pastor Jaime gave last night, it made me think of me and Jesus.  When something goes wrong and I start 'crying' He comes.  He holds me and comforts me, singing Delta Gamma songs until I am good.  He knows however when I need to be alone and when I need to just lay and be still.  So He lets me cry, just for a little while.  If I am being stubborn though it may be longer.  But He knows what is best for me.  He knows when to stroke my nose and the special ways that only Him and I have.  When He knows that it's not in my best interest He tells me no.  No more DG songs, they are going to drive you crazy (sorry Hannah), or no that dream you think you have isn't going to make you as happy as the dream I have for you.  Just wait and be patient and you will find comfort and when I wake you in the morning it'll be all better.

I had a lot that was on my mind to share and if you are still reading/scanning then I hope if you are in a moment when you think you need to be moving and playing with toys, you remember that God may be quietly stroking your hair telling you to be calm and this night time won't last forever.  He'll wake you in the morning.

Cheers to a Jesus that loves us so much that He knows when to tell us no.