January ... the First Month of the Year

Happy 2015!!  I have been telling anyone who will listen to me that it just seems like 1999 was a few years ago.  Not. Fifteen.  That NYE party was the first one that me and Chad went to together, he kissed me at midnight and has been ever since.  Jake Slyvinsky is a friend from Chad's fraternity.  He had badges made that said SLY2K.  Pretty funny right??  At least I thought it was when I was 20.  Fifteen years ago!0

With January comes so much newness.  January 1st is no different than say July 14th.  But for some reason a fresh year gives us that much more courage in making changes.  Changes are hard and take time, but they are also worth it.  Lets hope that some of mine stick!

I hesitated in sharing this part.  Me and Chad are participating in a nationwide fast through our church, The Daniel Fast.  The reason I hesitated was that it's not something that we brag about.  We are doing it for God for many different reasons and bragging about what we are doing and how much we are giving up kind of defeats the purpose.  I decided to share because I want to be able to post recipes that are going down in my house this month and to share experiences with any of my readers that are also fasting.  Poor Bronson is participating in it too, he is unaware (he'll still have milk and eggs or as my mom has coined 'eggy-eggy').  Last year was the first time that we participated and we tried so many tasty foods that for some reason seemed like they had been hidden all this time.  But they are always around, just take a little while to prepare.

I'll explain the fast in a later post and what my experience was last year.  And what I hope for this year.

Our church starts the 21 days of the fast on the 10th but me and Chad decided to start our days yesterday.  So if any of my words are misspelled they are because of the horrific cafeinne and sugar withdrawal headache that I have right now!  And you would think that this type of reaction would make me think twice about having either ever again.  But a world without caffeine and chocolate would be a darker place.

Cheers to healthy food, healthy bodies and happy people in 2015!