It's Time

Waiting for the call.  You know the due date is near but everyone knows that a due date can be off by a day, a week or a month.  So you wait.  If you have to travel out of town you start to pack your bags and try to anticipate how many days you have to pack for.  You empty out your fridge of perishable food that will be no good by the time you are back.  Or will you drink another glass of milk in the morning?  Empty the trash.  Re-schedule your coming doctor's appointment.

The above could be preparing for two different scenarios.  One is the start and the other is the end.  A birth or a death.  It's funny how preparing for either have so many similarities.  When the doctor has the baby in hand he pronounces the Time of Birth.  And when he sees that red line on the monitor go flat he pronounces the Time of Death.

Both life events are marked in time.  At any given time in a day when one human gets a time of birth another gets a time of death. They are both being pronounced all throughout the day, throughout the world at the same time.  5:08 PM is Bronson's time of birth. December 31st 2012 is the date.

Families and friends get together, food is brought, congratulations or condolences are given.  Cards in the mail.  Announcements in the newspaper.  Each year a date of birth or death are remembered. Both have memories, good and bad.

Just a thought I had while waiting for the sad news that Chad's uncle had passed.  The date was near but was unknown.  November 2nd 2015 was Kermit Morelock's date and it was celebrated and morned.