IF: Table

What do six women, a table full of food, laughter, great conversation and comfortable vulnerability make?  An amazing evening.

This is our table from June 2015

Figs, crackers and cheese!  Oh my!!

Comfortable vulnerability??  Sounds like an oxymoron to me.  The thing is when you share food and your thoughts with the same women every month, being vulnerable comes easy.  It's where you can be vulnerable, it really doesn't work it you're not.

Jennie Allen founded IF: Gathering in February 2014.  March 2014 was the first month for IF: Table and from that month on I have loved hosting.  Other women have learned about these tables and more have sprouted.  In fact, Bowling Green Kentucky was given a shout out by Susie Davis during the IF: Gathering 2015 for our IF: Tables.  That is a big deal.  A big deal and it couldn't have happened with one person.  It takes 6.  And then 12, 18, 24 and so on.  And, the Daily News featured our Table in an article!  So you know we are legit :)

The IF: Gathering leadership team put together 4 questions each month.  They are deep questions and call us to delve deeper into our relationships with each other by sharing.  Sharing our heart, the good and the bad.

Do you have a table?  Any table?  Doesn't have to be a fancy gathering the only requirement is that it has to be real.  Do you know 5 women?  They can be great friends to mere acquaintances.  Pray about who to invite.  God will show you.  Names will come to mind, you will run into someone at the grocery store, you'll see a post on Facebook from an old friend, when you're typing a name in the 'to' field for a new email the wrong (or right) name may pop up.  He will show you if you ask and listen/watch/read ...

If you want to start a table let me know.  I'd love to help brainstorm.  Here is a link to all the past questions - March 2014 are some great opening questions to get started.

Cheers to relationships old and new and food.  Always food!