IF: Bowling Green

It all started late 2013. I heard about this thing called IF. Let me back up, I read a book that was recommended to me by a friend. I liked the book. I read the authors blog who lead me to another book and another blog. I think it was around the third or fourth blog that I landed on Jennie Allen's site.  Okay, you're up to date!

I fell for everything that Jennie stood for and was so intrigued about this IF: Gathering.  What did IF stand for?  What was it all about?  Why was everything cool in Texas?!

I remember I sent out an email to some friends with a link and a question if they were up for a road trip.  To Texas.  'Are you kidding me Leona' I asked myself when no-one replied and I figured that was the same question they were thinking.  I have done two road trips to Texas from Tennessee and let me tell you that it is a journey not to be taken lightly.

But I wanted to be there so bad I would have driven even longer if I had to.  But I didn't have to!  The ladies of IF decided that they were going to lifestream the event all over the world.  22 countries joined in and Bowling Green Kentucky met at my house with me and 7 friends.

In one year the IF concept has run wild with and through me.  I will tell anyone that will let me about how awesome they are and how they blow my mind everyday with what they do.  For free.  Because they want to.  They actually like us.  And really are just answering the question that IF God is real then we want to live like it.  Live like He told us to in His word.  Love Jesus and others and commune with other women who need each other.

Every time I try to explain what IF is and what the Gathering is all about I end up tongue twisted and nothing really coming out of my mouth other than LOVE.  So instead I  say to look it up and see for yourself.  We have our own website for Bowling Green and surrounding areas and the site for the IF movement is here.

Please think about joining us this February 6th and 7th.  Do what you have to in order to get off work in time, find a place for your children (we will have childcare Friday night and Saturday morning), stay with a friend in Bowling Green if you are out of the way.

Register now before all the spots are gone!