IF ...

Anyone who has been around me at all in the past six months will have heard me talk about IF. Some people may have heard me talk about it a little too much, sorry :)   But when I find something that I am passionate about you better be prepared!

jennie-allen-sittingThe IF:Gathering was put on by a group of powerful, dynamic and life changing Christian women.   Jennie Allen is the founder and her motive was to gather, lead and equip our generation.   That is a lot of people to gather!   But her thinking, and the other women involved with IF, is God sized!   Some other speakers were Jen Hatmaker, Rebekah Lyons, Bianca Olthoff and many more.

If : Gathering - The Bigger Vision from If Gathering on Vimeo.

How I learned about IF was through reading Jennie Allen's book and then following her blog.   I learnt about Jennie Allen through reading one of Jen Hatmaker's books.   And I learnt about Jen Hatkmaker through Lara Casey who is a colleague in the wedding industry!   Did you like my six degrees of separation?   Another woman who is only one degree separated from the wedding industry is Bianca Olthoff who is a twin to Jasmine Star, an international wedding photographer (who I happen to have a major girl crush on).

If you missed the awesomeness you can purchase a downloadable copy here for just 25!!   And if you'd like to continue to be inspired by these ladies IF:Equip is for you.   Through IF:Equip women everywhere are reading the same passages from the bible every week day.   How cool is that to think about!   Join up here and they will send an email every morning with a new passage open for discussion.