I Don't Brush and Tell

Me and my husband share a toothbrush.   Now I can hear all the hushed comments ... we share an Oral B electric toothbrush with two different heads.   So we share but not really  :)   If one of us ever gets abducted by aliens or robbers we can still give a toothbrush to the FBI to get a sample of our DNA.   Not that I believe in aliens or anything ... but you never know what you could need DNA for.   Anyway, last night "our" toothbrush was missing and Chad asked me where it was.   I had a dentist appointment that day and had taken my toothbrush with me to clean my teeth so I wouldn't have coffee breath for the dental hygienist to suffer through while she cleaned my teeth.   I explained this to Chad and he told me that the last time he went to the dentist he simply told the receptionist when he checked in that he needed to clean his teeth and asked for a toothbrush.   "What?   You did what??   I would never do that.   I don't want them to know that I need to brush my teeth!" was what I said.   Seeing the humorous look on his face I explained that I want the dentist to think that I always have minty fresh breath even while carrying a Starbucks cup in my hand.

That makes me think of a Flintstones episode I saw when I was growing up.   (Could this post get any weirder?)   Wilma had convinced Fred that she needed a house keeper and before she came for the first time Wilma cleaned the house.   Obviously Fred didn't understand why she had to clean their house before they paid someone to come and clean their house.   See the similarity ... I cleaned my teeth before paying someone to clean my teeth.   I felt a connection to Wilma that I have never felt before.

With all this talk about aliens, DNA and historic figures like Fred and Wilma Flinstone it makes me wonder why as women we don't want people to know that we too are imperfect humans.   We don't always have a clean house and we don't always have randomly minty fresh breath.   Or cinnamon for those of you that prefer that flavor toothpaste.   Why are we constantly trying to make up for our lack of perfectionism?   This may be one of the only times that I say this - but I need to take a lesson from my husband and realize that sometimes it's okay to just ask for a toothbrush.