How to Use Washi Tape

Today.  March 4th 2015.  9am this morning.  1pm this afternoon.

Bronson's first time in childcare is today from 9-1, they are closing one hour early for weather :)

Just Chill Mom!

I can't believe he is this old!  He has a back pack that he can't lift.  And a lunch box that he also can't lift.  So mommy carried the backpack, blanket, Bronson and camera into 'school'.  I walked to his new room and without a thought he stretched out his arms for one of his teachers.  Not even a quick glance back.

Straight to playing with cars and trains.  No cares whether he can work toys that he reaches for, he just reaches.  No previous knowledge of what he was about to get when he picked up the train but he picked it up and it worked.  If it hadn't have worked he would have simply put it down and picked up the next thing he wanted to try.

See where I'm going?  You know me too well.  Why can't we reach for our dreams?  Why can't we try something that we know very little about and whether we will fail or not?  And if we fail why is it so hard for us to just move on to our next desire?

Food for thought.  And here is Bronson's food for the day, rice cakes with almond butter, raisins, whole wheat cheerios with added protein and apple juice :)  He has to make an impression!

Oh, and the wash tape - I used it to label his belongings.