How Long Do We Mourn?

The first thing that I did this morning (apart from get out of bed and grab the coffee that my husband so lovingly left me) was wake my beautiful baby boy up and feed him his morning bottle.   I received two text messages while we were drinking our formula and coffee and I grabbed my phone when we were done with our morning routine to check them out. The first was from a friend with an inspirational quote and a lovely message.

The second was from a friend with bad news.   The worst kind of bad.   A mutual friend of ours lost her dad two days ago.   This man was in the best health that I knew any 62 year old to  be.   The title "former football coach" just screams health.   Former football coach with the highest winning record of wins for his team, The Marshals, really screams health.   He was and will continue to be a role model dor many.       God knows how many days you are going to be alive on this earth.   62 years of age is young.   People may think that he died too soon and didn't live the "rest of his life", but 62 years was his life.   No less no more.

I was reading a bible study this morning that stated something I don't think I have heard before.   Before God even created the earth he knew me.   He knew me before there was dirt on the ground.   Before there was a ground!   It's so hard to imagine and wrap your head around but oh so cool at the same time.   He knew  Jim Shelton.   He knew what a fabulous man Jim was going to be.   He knew that he would marry the love of his life, Patty Shelton, and that they would have two children, Scott and Nancy.   And he knew that Jim's life on earth was going to be a total of 62 years, but infinity in heaven with Him.   Because God also knew that Jim, on top of being a fabulous person with so many great attributes, would believe in Him.

God allowed the earth to have this incredible human being for 62 years and now He has him back living in Heaven.   Oh how God must have missed him, and ached for this day to come that He would be reunited with His son.   Although we mourn the loss of loved ones, if we know that they knew Jesus, then they are so so happy!   So we can't mourn too long before we start celebrating the times we shared.   I know that I know nothing about how wonderful heaven is.   Even the most blissful moment that we can imagine won't be anything in comparison.   Jim was in mine and Chad's lives for a few short years but we have so many great memories from those years.   He was so kind to us and really treated us like his own.   I'm grateful that I got to meet him.   Thank you.