Hosting an Out of Town Guest 101

hosting an out of town guest 101

When do you truly feel at home when you're not at home??  Well, the answer is that you can't 100% feel at home if you're not there!  But for a guest staying at your house you can do a few little extra details to make their stay as 99% possible as it can be   :)

Cue my sister Tracy and her husband Collin visiting with us for ten days.  They live in England so home away from home is very literal for them.  Long long away.  I thought of what I would like if I stayed in another country and here are some pictures of what I came up with ...



Disclaimer - these pictures are with my iPhone so not the best.  I have purchased an e-book on Mastering the Basics for my camera from Audrey Ann at Live Snap Love (a blog I've followed for a while and dream about having images as clean).  So you should see improved images very soon!!

Flowers in the restroom are a nice touch.  I added stones and candles (not shown) to add more of a "spa feel".

Eucalyptus smells amazing and when tied to your shower the steam from the hot water releases a heavenly scent.

I love white towels, very fresh and clean.  Have some out so when your guests wants to take a shower they don't have to ask.

My pile of magazines on the floor contains some of my old ones and some of Chad's.  Remember the male guests!

If space allows give your guest a place to get ready in the morning other than the bathroom mirror.

Emergency baskets are my favorites for my brides to use at their reception!  With this one you want to focus on toiletries that your guests may have forgotten.  I love to take home the sample lotions from hotel stays of my own to add to the stash.  At the moment this contains: sleep mask, shampoo + conditioner, body wash for men + women, shower cap?, lotion, mouth wash, makeup remover, floss?, toothpaste, toothbrush (new), lint roller (you need one in my house), Advil and an important item for me is an international outlet converter (is that what it is called?)

Everyone needs wi-fi information these days.  And, if you need free wi-fi you can come sit outside my house because I've just given you the password!

Spare pillows, blankets, wood hangers and a clean robe.

My favorite thing!  Because I don't know where my guests' luggage has been so I don't want it on my bed!

It's a white comforter after all.  It.  Stains.

Hope you saw a few tips and please share any other ideas.  What do you envision from a 5-star hotel?  Or remember from staying at one!!

Cheers to hosting and being a guest!