Happy Love Day

Today is almost a given that the wedding industry will love!   I agree that you don't need a special day to tell and show someone that you love them, but an extra special day is always nice.

That is if you're in a relationship.   Sometimes, if you find yourself single, it may not be such a fun day.   I remember when I was in college my roommates had an anti Valentines Day party.   The problem was that me and Chad had just started our relationship, so I wasn't allowed to attend.   And the bigger problem with that was that Chad had decided to go to the gym and play basketball with his friends.   WHAT???   He quickly learnt that leaving your girlfriend alone on Valentine's Day is not the thing to do.   Not with this girlfriend anyway!

Here are two beautiful examples that I've seen of ways to celebrate with your significant other, or your best friends!   Both ideas come from Inspired by This.   Simply click on the pictures and it'll take you to their site.

valentines day

valentines day 2