Hair Torniquets, 5 AM and Zantac

One night a few weeks ago Bronson didn't sleep good at all.   He was on and off all night and just couldn't seem to get settled.   "What is your problem Brons?" I asked as I changed his clothes in the morning.   "I have one of your hairs wrapped around my toe cutting off my circulation, mom!" was his reply if he could have replied.   No joke, a hair.   My hair.   Wrapped around his toe.   Cutting off his circulation.   That was his problem.   I read about this random thing called hair torniquet when I was pregnant and thought it was a little weird.   But it can really happen.   Apparently, if a loose strand of hair gets in a baby's sock or sleeper it can wrap TIGHT around his or her toe with all their movement.   Trust me when I tell you that it is tight.   It was scary when I saw it and being the good mom that I am I just stood there staring at his foot not knowing what to do.   I couldn't loosen it myself so I got some tweezers and loosened it that way.   It could be really scary if my hair was light and not easy to see.   I will spare you pictures but if you are really interested you can google it and get some examples.   Now I always check his toes and make sure he isn't stealing my hair.

I think I bragged a little too much about how good of a sleeper Bronson was.   He actually slept 8 hours when he turned 8 weeks old and if you have read or heard the cliff notes of Baby Wise you'll know that is the goal.   I was so proud of me and Chad.   After all we were the ones who were sticking to the schedule during the day!   Other than the night after his first shots when he had children's Tylenol to help with any temperature, he has never reached 8 hours straight again.   Between 5 and 5:30 AM his personal alarm must go off because it is always around the same time.   I know he is just making sure that daddy is up for work, but he needs to learn that mommy doesn't have to be up.   For work or anything else at 5 AM!   We'll get there.

One of the reasons that he wakes early may be that he suffers from Reflux right now.   My sister called it when he was less than a week old and just out of the hospital.   "In my medical opinion it's reflux" is what she said.   My doctor on the other hand wanted us to try five different kinds of formula, waiting one week on each, before we had him tested.   Thankfully he was tested last week and the verdict came back that yes he has reflux.   He brings up so much of his formula each time we feed him and it can be 40 minutes after he has eaten.   He just doesn't like any movement for about an hour after.   And since he eats every three hours and sleeps 1-2 hours between feedings that doesn't leave much time for movement!   We have been on Zantac since Monday and so far it's not really helping.   I'm going to call his doctor tomorrow to see if we can get promoted to the next level.