Groovy Gifts for your Guys

Is it just me or are men hard to buy for?  It's easy to buy for women, we can never have too muchof anything.  But every year when it's Chad's birthday I relive the same panic.  Sure, he wants a big screen tv, a pool table, a motorcycle ... but a serious gift is never easy.

My brides know this all too well.  Putting together an overly fancy tote for her girls filled to the brim with cute and dainty details (champagne glass, eye mask, nail polish) is fun.  But when it's the groom's turn to pick it can be a daunting task.  And no-one has time for that!

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is an online store that I'm pretty sure solves all those problems.

There is literally something for everyone.   I was gifted a travel bag to review which my husband picked out!  He loves it and actually uses it to carry his laptop with him to work.  Those are the best wedding gifts, ones that can actually be used after.  The quality is top notch and now I have somewhere to go when I need a perfect gift.

Now have fun with too many options!