Grey's 8 Seasons

Grey's Anatomy has had it's share of foreshadowing.   Staring in 2005 Meredith became The Girl From the Bar which was a title she was proud of and later was passed to her half sister Lexie when Derek also met her in a bar (the same bar) the day before she started her internship at Seattle Grace.   Mark Sloan and Callie Torres agreed to become parents together and raise his granddaughter when his long lost daughter Sloan Riley appeared and said she needed help.   Mark was sad when Sloan ran away and the parental dream never happened ... until a few seasons later when him and Callie would become real parents to their own daughter.   Izzie Stevens treats a lady whose brain re sets itself every 30 seconds and needs to be told where she is and what is happening to her only to be in the exact same situation the next season when her own brain re sets after having had cancer and surgery on her brain.

Bronson had his first stomach bug last week.   It was awful for mommy and daddy and I'm sure it wasn't a walk in the park for baby.   We spent all weekend huddled up on the couch as a family ready to fight our first battle together.   Bronson wanted to sleep all day in my arms.   So I really didn't have an option but to be on the couch.   I have yet to figure out what Chad's excuse was.   While we were under couch rest we watched the first, middle and last episode of each season of Grey's Anatomy through the marvels of Netflix.   We have been Grey's fans from day one and it was so fun to go back and see characters that we'd forgotten about, moments that meant something in current character's lives and all the foreshadowing that creator Shonda Rhimes played in the character's lives.

It made me thing of all the foreshadowing that was going on in our lives.   Bronson was screaming crying probably because he was starving.   We knew he was starving but we also knew that the moment we gave in and fed him he would throw it all back up.   As parents we have to do things that our children don't understand and even things that they seem as hurtful.   At four months old our mean parenting goes as far as not giving formula but I had flashes of times that it will seem meaner and will be harder for all parties involved.   Turning of the TV when homework needs to be done, not letting him eat the entire pumpkin basket filled with Halloween treats, getting the cell phone number of a friend's parent when he wants to spend the night, not letting him go to a party that isn't adult supervised, grounding him because he broke curfew, setting a curfew when his friends don't have one, making him get a job during summer vacation when his friends don't have one, grounding him when he gets his first speeding ticket ... the more I think about his childhood the more I want to lock him up until he is 18, no better be 21.   How my mind wanders ... from wanting to give in to his crying and give him formula to wanting to lock him up until he is 21, no better be 34.   How do parents do it?   How do you raise a child to be independent while wanting to handcuff him or her to your side at the same time?   I guess the answer is you pray.   You pray that the job of raising your child while you can have an imaginary handcuff attached is going to help during the times that you let him or her be independent.

I told Chad that I want to make our house the place to be during summer vacations so that all his friends want to be over here and I could keep my eyes on him.   Chad started telling me about the man cave we needed with a pool table, foosball table, big screen TV, surround sound, wet bar for cherry vanilla cokes ... and that is when I zoned out and started dreaming of having a daughter and the additions I would make to entertain me and my friends ... I mean her and her friends!