Going for the Gold with a Party!

Have you ever wondered the significance of the lighted torch when the Olympics roll around? Or why the lit torch itself travels to different places? The Olympic flame represents the positive values than man has always associated with fire. The torch travels routes that symbolize human achievement. 

It's crazy to think the modern Olympic games started back in 1896. They have come a long way since then and it's pretty great to be able to see the changes and the great achievements it's made. 

The Olympics are coming up so what better way to kick them off than with a party, am I right?! The opening night is always a celebration so why not celebrate with a bunch of your closest friends! You could even have fun and make it a couple party...the ideas are endless. Once you're done throwing this party, you're definitely going to have the GOLD MEDAL!!

August 5, 2016

8 p.m. EST/7 pm CT

As everyone knows, the Olympics involve so many different countries. It's pretty amazing to see people from all around our world come together and play games we all know and love to watch!

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Now we all know what makes a good party...FOOD! Everyone loves food at parties, don't lie...So at your party, you must have gold worthy eats! 

Now that we've covered the decorations and the food that leaves me to one last important detail...WHAT DO YOU WEAR?! Summer parties are super fun and also super casual. So why not pair up a super cute sun dress or tank and shorts with some super comfy sandals?! 

Cafe Society Black and Cream Striped Shirt Dress
Sun Kiss Tan Suede Lace-Up Flat Sandals
Ocean View Avenue Red Sleeveless Dress
Z Supply Pleasant Surprise Periwinkle Blue Tee
Chinese Laundry Gia Mushroom Grey Thong Sandals
Dittos Angie Dark Wash Denim Shorts

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With these perfect party items for opening night of the Olympics, there's no way you wouldn't win the Gold! So who are you cheering for in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games?