Go Do!!

A friend, Lara Casey, has an amazing website full of motivational and inspiring reading.   One of my favorite quotes from her site is:

You know all those things you have always wanted to do?   You should go do them!

There are so many organizational things that I want to do right now, and I'm just starting to DO THEM.   I pin and pin great ideas that I love on pinterest and then never take action on them.   I'm going to make a goal of completing at least one pinterest project a week!   Right now I'm trying to figure out where to start because I have so many small projects and so many areas of my house that need work.   For me Spring cleaning has officially begun!   The goal is to keep going and not get overwhelmed by a huge to do list and also not get discouraged when my day doesn't go as planned (i.e. Bronson has other ideas!).

This year I missed January (and February) for the start of the year "organizing bug" so for 2013 March is my month!   I love March because it's my birthday month so what better month to start re-designing my life!   I want to totally overhaul my house and really know what is in every corner or every room and have it organized.   I figure if I start now I may be finished by the time that Bronson gets mobile and able to disorganize everything that I've done!

One of my first projects that I'm working on is creating binders that will help organize our life.   Three that I'm starting with is one for Bronson and all his medical information, etc, one to house ALL our user manuals that are spread everywhere and are never where you can find them when you actually need them and one for the Morelock household.   The last one is going to take a while to personalize how I want it.   I've seen quite a few examples out there on the blogsphere that I like so now I just have to put my personal touch on it to work for us.   Essentially it will house all our bills, personal info, contact info, budget info, pet info, etc.   Do you have any examples of what has worked for you??

Wish me luck!