Go Chic or Go Home

Last year I decided I needed to revamp my wardrobe.   Here is the post to prove that the idea was actually there.   While the idea was great and all, it never got very far.   I did get to upload all my clothes onto Go Chic or Go Home but never got anywhere else.

If you recall, Go Chic of Go Home is an amazing virtual closet kinda thing.   I really loved it last year when I browsed and set up an account and now I'm committing to actually using it's benefits!   I went through my closet this past weekend and had bags to place trash and goodwill items.   I think I did a good job for round 1 and round 2 will happen sometime this week.   I am habitual at thinking 'I really might wear this' and then the next year thinking the exact same thing about the same item.   No more!   Time for drastic measures as my closet is over flowing with clothes that don't fit or are too 'young' or that I just don't like anymore and will never wear again.   Mostly clothes that don't fit :(

Does anyone want to join me?   I can't take a before picture anymore but I will let you now, for real this time, on how I'm coming along.   Please help keep me accountable!!   I really really want to do this!

go chic or go home