Gender Reveal

This was originally posted in 2012.   Since quite a few clients have been asking to host gender reveals I thought it was a great time to share again!   If you missed the original broadcast check it out here.   And the 'gender test' I did while pregnant was wrong!

I had the pleasure of going on MidDay Live this morning to chat with Tina Jennings about different ways to announce your babies gender.   I am having a reveal party of my own in a week with family, so many of these things are ideas that I'm going to use.   I choose to stick with Boy or Girl theme and kept everything blue or pink.   The secondary color in my nursery is going to be gold, so I added some to my decor.   You can read here the basics of a Gender Reveal Party.

A few ways to involve your guests - * When sending out invitations you can ask guests to wear either pink or blue depending on what their guess is.   * When they arrive have them select either a bow for your hair (girl) or a mustache (boy).   * Have a picture taken with Team Boy and Team Girl before the big reveal.   * Have each person write down a gender specific name suggestion.   I already have my names picked out but it will be fun to see what people come up with!

For decor - I made a banner using onsies that say Boy or Girl.   And one that you can hang at your entrance or above your cake table using a clothes line with onsies hung on it that have gender specific sayings.   The ones that I used have FYI : I'm a Boy/Girl.   You can put booties, hats, gloves, even ultrasound pictures on here.   There are many old wives tales out there to predict the gender.   I choose a few and wrote them on a chalk board on either the girl or boy side depending on which answer suited me.   According to this I'm having a girl ... we'll see!

If you are pregnant, however you choose to find out the gender of your baby, congratulations!   If you know someone who is pregnant why not suggest this to them or you can throw them a party.   People also choose to do this at their baby shower killing two birds with one stone!   Think outside the box and have fun creating!   Below is a slideshow of some images from the segment and also some templates for the paper items that I used.   Enjoy!

Cheers to happy moms!