Fruits of the Spirit

PrintAt the beginning of this year I heard our pastor talk about the 7 fruits of the spirit.   I had heard them before and I can't remember what he was talking about specifically but I made a vow to myself that I would like to show all 7 fruits to my son this year.   It is an achievable goal, he's a great baby so I shouldn't have too much trouble  :)

While designing projects to put in my store I thought about the fruits and it reminded my to be a little more patient when Bronson is being clingy and learning to eat and crawling everywhere and ... patience + kindness!   When picking the font for each fruit I tried to pick one that made me feel that certain fruit.  I am getting some printed this weekend and they will be available for purchase by Monday.

Self Control is a big one for me, I have none once I open a bag of Cadbury's Eggs!!   Which one talks to you?

Cheers to the good fruit and growing more of it!