Fruitful Summer

Today me and B went to Target.  We had a lot of fun inside the 4 walls of that giant adult/children's playground!  I always have fun but it usually isn't so for B.

We went in to buy a Big Brother hospital kit for my friend's little boy.  Having a little sister is a ton of fun but when you are used to being the only baby in the house you have a few things to learn.  When I was young my mom would always have a small gift for me on my sister's birthday and a small gift for her on mine.  Little things like that have always stuck with me about the importance of remembering the other children that aren't being celebrated.

Anyways, B knew that we were there for Graham and for Graham's baby sister.  He was so good :)  He kept pointing at things and saying 'Graham like that' or 'no mommy, Graham no like that'.  He did say that Graham would like for Bronson to have a soccer ball, but overall it wasn't about him and was fun to pick out things for a friend.  And the baby sister.



How fun if we could always do that?!  Be wheeled around Target and pick out things for our friends.  Along with maybe one item that we know our friend would want us to have.  Putting another person's wants above your own.  Hhhhmmm, sounds like one of the commandments in Lettermen's top 10 list.  Or maybe it was Jesus's top 10 list, I get confused easy.

An internet friend, Lara Casey has come up with a beautiful thought and journey for the summer to cultivate our friendships.  It is called Fruitful Summer and you can read more about it here.  The images below are from her guide.  Do you want to join me in a fruitful summer??

Cheers to friendship, melon and warm season!!