First Outfit Ever!!!

I had a c-section on December 31st 2012.   I did have one scheduled for January 3rd, but Bronson wanted to ring in the new year with us!   As soon as he was brought out of his personal oven, I got to see him for what felt like 2 seconds and then he was wrapped up like a burrito and rushed out the door with my husband following.   I was stitched back up by my amazing doctor, Dr. Drexel, and wheeled in to my waiting room for the next hour.   I guess they wanted to make sure I would be okay after all the drugs they gave me to make me 110% numb.

I was worried that I'd be anxious and upset waiting by myself, but it was actually nice.   Not nice in that I didn't get to hold my baby, but nice in that I got to reflect about what had just happened.   We went in that morning for a quick test where they monitored by baby's heartbeat.   It was routine, I'd done it before and didn't expect anything different this time.   Well, it was!   We had one hour to go home pack up (I had nothing ready) and get to the hospital.   So it really had been a blurry day to say the least.   I entered 2012 with no baby and exited it with one!

A great photographer, friend and colleague, Kelly Flora, left a New Year's gathering that he was at just to come and get some shots of our first sights of Bronson.   Here are some pictures from that day, and then below are pictures of a shadow box that I created.   It was very easy!   I simply gathered a few things that I wanted to include, his outfit, hat, wrist band, swatch of his first swaddle and two pictures that I really liked.   I had Chad paint the shadow box the same blue as the wall in his nursery and was able to get away with a cheaper shadow box.   I knew I wanted to paint it so I got something that was really plain from Hobby Lobby.

Then I used scrapbook paper to cover the back of the box and matted the two pictures with some more scrapbook paper.   I used paper that matched a few other things that I had created in his nursery and kept with the blue and gold theme.   After the scrapbook paper was attached I simply hot glued the pieces in place.   Waited for it to dry thoroughly and hung it.

Tomorrow I'll talk about how I made his stats chart with all his birth information.   My beautiful gown, my son's onesie + hat and my nephew's gorgeous shirt were designed by Posh Pushers.   They all matched and everybody loved them!   Check them out if you happen to be pregnant so you can celebrate that day in style!!   Or they would make a great gift.