First Attempt with Mod Podge + Baby Closet Dividers

My goal was simple.   One post every work day for one month.   Either Monday and Tuesday of this week didn't exist ... or I have already messed up the goal.   I'll go with the first option and treat Wednesday as three days all rolled into one!   No one likes to fail!   Now we have that out of the way ...

Mod Podge were two words I had heard thrown around in the creative world that I live in.   What was it and why was it all the buzz as the greatest thing everrrrrr??   I decided to get it and see for myself.   The rumors were true, it is kinda the greatest thing everrrrrr.   The first time that I used it was when I was making closet dividers for Bronson's closet.   They turned out great and were pretty simple to do.   They would make a great gift for any nursery.

Photography by Kelly Flora

First I went to Hobby Lobby, the place where most projects begin!   I found some blue scrapbook paper for a baby boy that I liked, gold scrapbook paper, gold stickers, blue ribbon, a small plank of wood, and of course my first container of mod podge and a sponge brush to apply it with.

The wood was in the crafting section and I loved the width and just had Chad cut the wood into four equal lengths.   Because I'm neurotic, I painted the sides of the wood to match the closet because the sides will be seen.   But a totally unnecessary step!   Then I used the mod podge to glue the scrapbook paper onto the tiles back and front.   Because I wanted four dividers I picked two different kinds of paper to use.   You could add a fifth divider if you wanted for newborn, but I couldn't wrap my head around an uneven number.   I found a clip art picture of a onesie that I liked, shrunk it down to size and traced it onto my gold scrapbook paper.   You didn't think I drew those did you? I let them dry a few minutes and then attached my number stickers - 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12.   I just thought of a way to add newborn and still keep an even number!   Add one more for 12-18?!   But then I would want to add 18-24 and I'd be back with the problem of unevenness.

Back to the four dividers that I made!      I finalized the dividers with a layer of mod podge on top to seal everything.   THAT is the cool part of it for me, that you can use it to seal a project that you have done and it dries invisible.   It's like magic.   Then Chad drilled a small hole at the top (he's really good for stuff like that, perfect straight cuts and beautiful small holes!).   Lastly I cut my ribbon to a size that I wanted, thread it through Chad's holes and voila!   Four cute handmade dividers for Bronson's closet and one proud mama of her work.   What are some cute ways you've seen used for closet dividers?   Or what project did you use mod podge for??