2014 Fall Decor + The Scarecrow on the Stairs

Many many moons ago, almost 30 days, I posted an inspiration board that I had designed to guide my Hobby Lobby shopping.  Let me refresh your memory ... Fall-Inspiration colors for decor 2014

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I designed my dining room table the next day, took pictures to show with my phone and there they stayed.  Begging to be put on display.  Flipping throw my phone and to my surprise they appeared and I remembered that they weren't on display yet!  I'm quick to solve a problem so here you go ...

I pulled the gold candle out so you could see how they were placed.  I simply used a miracle candle wax thing called Stick Um on the bottom of the candle.  I will never place a candle anywhere without using this stuff!!  It keeps the candle exactly where you want it and doesn't dry so you can pull it off and position again.  Love.

Twigs from my yard and nuts from my kitchen.

Spray painted pumpkins white and gold.  Because, of course.

Like my scarecrow just sitting on the stairs?  He is always watching.  He could be November's version of elf on the shelf!  When you see in stores the Scarecrow on the Stairs next year you can remember who had that idea!

Where's the scarecrow today???

So as to cover the green foam all the way I wrapped the wreath with a feather boa.  Good idea?  I thought so too.

Hope you like the outcome.  Cheers to fall and non fallish colors!