Donating Through Amazon Smile

Amazon and I are BFF.  Amazon (A) is more like a boyfriend than a store.  A always suggests things that he knows I'll love.  He is so thoughtful and really puts time into thinking of unique new things that just make me shake my head in agreement and think 'why did I not think of that, it's exactly what I didn't know I was looking for'.  The only problem in our relationship is that he insists on using my money???

I have heard rumors that he does that for other people but to keep face I'm going to act as if I don't know he's cheating on me.

Eat Sleep PartyIf you love A as much as I do let me introduce you to Amazon Smile :)  A is so so thoughtful about others that he donates 5% of every purchase to a charitable organization of your choice.  Simply go to and select what charity you want to use.  My charity of choice is The Birthday Party Project, who I've raved about before.  Then the next time you and A hang out all you have to do is go to, simply put smile first.

Another really cool thing is that he makes it easier to hang out by letting you get a button to place on your browser so that you always just a click away from a smile!

Cheers to smiling, donating and shopping!