Doctor Theme Party

Milestones, big or small, are worth celebrating!! I have a friend who recently graduated from medical school (Can we say HUGE milestone?!?!), which warranted a special party!

Even better, medical themes are super fun for children and the play doctor kits can be used for party favors!

I started out designing this party with a doctor’s prescription pad in mind. I ran an internet search for what actual prescriptions look like and then created my own using a design software that I have, but you could just as easy use Microsoft Word. It was a simple box with a few lines, her name, a fictitious address, random numbers, and her signature at the bottom. I have an app on my iPhone called iJot that I used for my friend to sign. Then I was able to email the signature to myself so I could place it on my prescription pad. Voila, the base theme was created.

Everything we did centered around that pad. We enlarged it to 16x20 on regular paper at the copy store and placed the poster in a frame to have guests sign and leave a message. The frame is going to get a lot more use than a small book that is shoved in a closet to collect dust.

We had a fabulous main cake designed for a doctor or nurse, but we had the pad created on a sheet cake so we could have extra for all the guests.

Need napkins??? Carlson Craft was able to imprint the lovely pad image on napkins. This can be done for any theme and is such a cute way to repeat the main design multiple times.

Banners are something that I always love to incorporate. Such a semi-easy thing to make and you get big bang for your buck as far as getting people’s attention.

I printed several 5x7 sheets of cardstock with the doctor’s pad as the background and simply added a character of “Congratulations Dr. Amy C. Gearlds, D.O.”

Have fun creating a great themed party for your aspiring nurse or future brain surgeon!

First Published on Mom's Everyday