Discovering the Right Approach to Food

I have the amazing privilege to read certain books before they are published.  This was music to my soul because I already love love love to read.  Less books than pre B but usually 2-3 books per month (depending on how much sleep I really want).

holli-thompson-discover your nutritional styleDiscover Your Nutritional Style was actually published yesterday!  So hot off the presses and I can say with confidence that it is going to fly off the shelves!  Holli Thompson is the author and she did such a great job at really making you want to look more closely at your food.

Pre reading Holli's book I was at a frustrating place with food.  It can be so overwhelming when you are hit with so many do's and don't's flying around out there.  But Holli's approach teaches you to 'listen' to your body and become so in-tune with what your personal nutritional needs are.  Trouble with weight loss, lack of energy, body aches (migraines, allergies, weak immune system) can all be treated and possibly healed when you are living your daily life according to what your body needs.  With great recipes that I can't wait to try and advice on how to 'listen' to your body I would recommend any woman out there to check out Discover Your Nutritional Style.

It is so hard to not get caught up in weight and jean size and Holli teaches you to look at your beauty from the inside out.  I still have work to do in this department!  I'm going to re-read and try to define what is right for me.  Good luck on your quest!


holli-thompson-discover your nutritional style

Cheers to green juice and fresh food!