Fun Giveaway - Discover Your Nutritional Style by Holli Thompson

I have a such a fun job when I get to make other people happy.  Today I am giving away a book, Discover Your Nutritional Style, that I read and loved, read my review here.

Holli, the amazing woman behind the book, so graciously sent me a book to giveaway to my readers.  I've already tried several tips from Holli and love what I am seeing.  Everything made perfect sense when you read it and know that someone who you would enjoy sitting with over coffee wrote  :)

Taking care of myself and my body is definitely something that I'm going to take more seriously in 2015.  How about you?  Have you ever tried diets that failed miserably?

Leave a comment below telling me something you are going to do for yourself this year.  Want to get more points?  Follow me and Holli on Instagram for two more points.  Even more you say??  Post the image below on your Instagram feed and tag me and Holli for your friends.

Just tell me about the extra points in the comment and I'll take care of the rest!  Winner will be picked by an electronic system and announced on Monday the 12th at 2PM CST.  What are you waiting for???