Designer Dresses - to Rent!!

rent the runway designer dressesI love clothes.  I would say they are my biggest weakness when it comes to spending money and the first thing I would use retail therapy for.  Along with a spa day.  A spa day and clothes would be my retail therapy in case anyone is interested.

I only long to own a designer dress.  I don't think I could ever justify spending that much money no matter how beautiful and form fitting they are.  But rent one?  No problem.

Rent the Runway is an amazing creation where you can browse tons of designer gowns and accessories and rent for a few days to a week.  And they start at $30!  That I can do.  I was just browsing said site and thinking "When could I ever wear a dress like this".  Then I heard another voice saying "What?  You need a dress for Easter, a dress for your sorority's Founder's Day luncheon, a dress for the baby shower that you are hosting.  Do you need me to keep listing??"  And that second thought/voice was all I needed.  I haven't had a specific new dress for Easter since I was in college.  Which I know it's hard to believe but it has been longer than a decade since that time.

You don't have to be going to prom or formal or the Academy Awards to wear a beautiful dress.  And feel good in it to top. Here are a few that are now on my wish list and I have specific occasions paired to each one  :)  What occasion can do you have coming up??  You can browse here ...