Darling Magazine

I love the smell of freshly printed really nice paper.  But I had forgotten that smell.


I had heard of the magazine.  Great things.  But never took the time, 2 minutes, to actually sit down and order one.  But a few weeks ago I thought about it whilst in front of my computer and didn't have any excuse.  When I received the magazine ... there was that smell again.  Freshly printed luxury pages.  168 ad free pages.

On the cover, under the name Darling, is written 'the art of being a woman'.  It couldn't be summarized any better.  The word 'woman' has taken on so many meanings.  So many elements that make us worthy or not worthy of being someone's definition.

'Darling Magazine holds the modern mold of woman up to the fire to evoke a discussion on femininity and re-shape an authentic design.'

I love that - authentic.  In the beginning God made woman - in her authentic self.  Let's go back to that, should we?  (skip the whole Eve eating the apple part, that's not my favorite portrayal)  Darling is full of so many truly inspiring stories of real women.  With real faces and real bodies :)

This is not a magazine you flip through, this is one that you read cover to cover and find yourself wanting more.  Hopefully by the time I finish Issue 12, Issue 13 won't be far away!

Have you watched Suits?  Meghan Markle will make you want to start!  It is next on my netflix binge watching list.  Her blog The Tig is soooo good.  And you'll love how she came up with the name Tig, I did.

The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team!!!

One of my cards that is in my collection soon to be released.  To me the words on the back of the magazine embody the person I've become and am still striving for.

Cheers to authentic women!