Let's Get Creative

Let's get creative with CreativeLive!  There are so many impressive things about CreativeLive.  Whether you want to learn a new skill or watch an amazing free on-air course selection, there's something for everyone.  I plan to enroll in a course called "Make More Money and Discover Your Worth."  I thought this would be a good class to learn from because I am graduating in less than a month with a degree in marketing.  I think this course could be beneficial to anyone who owns their own business because it is so easy to get in our own way and not value our hard work.  I know at times I feel overwhelmed and get caught up on my fear of failing so I'm sure others do as well  :)


Although I have never participated in a CreativeLive course, Leona has been in the studio audience for Jasmine Star, who teaches many classes.  Leona has always had positive things to say about them, so I figured it was about time for me to give it a try.  

*Be on the look out for a post from Leona and her experience with Jasmine coming soon!*


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