Celebrating Labor Day with Fun

Originally posted 2012

Saying goodbye to summer can be hard for some.   Personally Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons so I am happy to say bye bye.   Whether it is a happy or sad farewell, why not celebrate while you do so??

Think about having a fun get together with family and friends, watermelon, bubbles and a grill.   That’s really all you need.   I got to chat with Tina Jennings on WBKO’s MidDay Live this morning and share some fun tips on ways to make your celebration more personal.   Below are some pictures from my segment and I’ve linked the great printables that I used as well as the instructions for the pinwheels.   Have a great three day weekend!

labor day decorations with shells, watermelon, flowers

* click here for more pictures *

Happy Labor Day Printables from Piggy Bank Parties

Pinwheel tutorial from Frugal Living