Celebrate Your Bridesmaids

Picture this: You've picked out your best gal pals to stand by your side on the most important day of your life. You invite each of them over for lunch, but keep it a secret as to why they're there. When everyone arrives and is seated, they are surprised to see a place setting with a glass of champagne topped with flower petals and an invitation asking "Will you be my bridesmaid?"

The invitation could be typed on metallic paper and placed in a pretty frame. It could also be wrapped with ribbon in a small gift box on top of sparkly confetti for each woman to unwrap. You  can even ask your best friend to be your maid of honor by taking a Sharpie paint pen and writing 'Maid of Honor' on a small glass candle holder to be placed at her seat.

There are a variety of DIY ideas you can use to decorate the area where the surprise luncheon will take place. To make stylish vases (that your guests will probably think were bought), grab some  painter's tape and your favorite color of spray paint. Position the tape to create a design on the vase, then spray paint the entire thing. Once it is completely dry, peel off the pieces of tape and you have yourself a beautiful vase to display flowers in.

If you provide tea or coffee at your luncheon, have some fun and involve all the girls by encouraging each guest to design their own cup or coffee mug. Using those Sharpie paint pens, you and the girls can write or draw anything you desire on the cups. Tell your friends that once they get home, place the mugs in their ovens at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. This way, the artwork won't wash off when you're doing the dishes and you have something to keep to remember this special day of celebrating your bridesmaids!

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