Bridal Gowns part 1

top bridal gowns for your body type in 2016

As we are entering wedding season, we are seeing so many different styles of wedding dresses. My favorite thing about wedding dresses is there is a style for everyone. Some brides love the long sleeve lace gowns, others picture themselves wearing a sleeveless, strapless gown on their big day. There are far more than just these two types of wedding gowns I've mentioned. There are mermaid gowns, ballroom gowns with pockets (I mean who doesn't love pockets?), and even pant suits which have stirred up the traditional dress attire this 2016 wedding season. So what is your style for your big day?

Long Sleeve Lace Gowns are extremely elegant and classy and can make a serious statement on your big day. Having a lot of lace on your dress seems to be a growing trend these wedding seasons and I can see why. A lot of women choose the long sleeve or three quarter length sleeves because they are self conscious about their arms (which is very common today). This type of dress is extremely flattering on most body types and makes a bold statement when wearing it...Sounds like a win win to me!   

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Ball Gowns with pockets add a little fun to your day because who doesn't love pockets am I right? Ball gown wedding dresses are very elegant but the pockets add a little fun to the look. Everyone knows how beautiful Cinderella was in her ball gown, but just imagine if she had pockets on that dress....Can you say amazing?! These dresses work best for tall, pear-shaped body types. Even though you're built a little smaller on top, the ball gown fit allows for most attention to be added to the top while drawing attention away from your curvier bottom! 

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This one goes out to all my curvier women (like me). It's hard to find a dress style that really shows off what our mommas gave us. It's either too big at the top and not big enough at the bottom or vise versa. With all those curves, you can't go wrong in a mermaid styled gown. With this style, the dress exentuates the waist and hugs all your curves just right. This gives any body type a beautiful shape and also provides a very feminine look. So how can you go wrong?

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Now here is something a little different for you guys...What do you think about getting married in a pant suit? I know what you're thinking...why in the world would someone want to get married and not wear a wedding dress, right? Well believe it or not, pant suits are becoming more popular than you probably think. Our world is constantly changing and that includes norms and trends in every aspect of life. Pant suits can accommodate many different body types but if you are born with those mile long legs, a tall physique, and a need to stand out, this one is especially for you! What better way to make a statement on an unforgettable day than to wear a chic pants suit. I know this isn't your traditional wedding day attire, but I guarantee that no one will forget what you looked like on your big day!

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What color do you think of when you think of a wedding dress? White right? Well in today's world if you asked different brides that question, you could get more colors than just white. In recent wedding seasons, non-white wedding dresses are becoming more prominent. All brides want on their big days are to feel beautiful and to make it a day they won't forget. In some cases, they may need a splash of color in order to do that and that's okay! Many people are moving away from the traditional and more towards the more modernized style. Whether your dress be white or grey or blue, it's your day and that's all that matters! 

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 Now that we've covered the leading lady, can you guess who's second best (other than her man of course)?......

HER BRIDESMAIDS!! Look for my next post for inspiration and ideas for those important ladies!