Bowling Green Wedding - Mary Claire and Dylon

It was destined to be.  After catching the bouquet at one of her friend Laura's (now bridesmaid) wedding Mary Claire didn't think that much about it since she was single at the time.  That was until later that very night.  Everyone knows about the 'after party' that is for the hard core partiers and night owls!  Little did she know but her bouquet catching skills did come in handy that night after all when she met Dylon.   Three years later and it is now Mary Claire's turn to pass that luck on to one of her friends and Dylon's garter throwing will hopefully help someone else! It's been such a joy to work with Mary Claire's family as we've planned step one through step 5088!  After venue scouting, Indian Hills Country Club was the one place that stood out.  With a Kentucky Proud theme set for the wedding all the food is local, all the flowers are local and all the guests are local!  (most of the guests!)

What are my thoughts for the bouquet toss you ask?  I'm thinking Mary Claire is going to return the gift to Laura and since she is already married maybe a baby bump ...

Can't wait for everything we have worked on to all come together and your magical day to finally be here this Saturday!!

Rawr ... look at those eyes!!