A Wedding with Family as the Center

Two years ago this past Monday, I was honored to be a part of such an intimate time in Talitha and Zach's lives.  It was the day that I know Talitha had longed for.  When we first met she described Zach to me as her soul mate and best friend.  I don't think you can get much better than that in a life long partner!  When I met Zach I understood what Talitha was talking about.  I could clearly see their love for one another and that they truly were best friends.

A part that I love about what I get to do is meeting families.  Talitha's parents definitely welcomed me into their family and I'm always amazed and blessed by the unique dynamic that we have.  Both of their families were amazing and the minute I met with Zach's parents to go over the ceremony I could tell where he got his genuine personality from.  Zach's dad got to share the experience in a way that most father's don't - he was their officiant.  How comforting to hear your child commit to a spouse and in turn see them commit to your child and see in their eyes as they say the words.


The family connection was a common thread thorough out the entire evening.  One that was purposefully weaved and perfectly tied their two families together into one.  You see, Talitha's mom also got to experience a special role that many moms don't.  Talitha had invited her mom to be her matron of honor 'next to Zach, she is my best friend'.  Can you see what I mean?  And to round the ceremony, Talitha's only brother beautifully played the piano and sang some of the key music with their dad.  I still get goose bumps even thinking of it today!



The rest of the evening flowed pretty much the same way, family and friends focused.  When we were planning both Talitha and her mom were adamant in that they wanted their guests to feel loved and taken care of.  I love that!  Your friends do make sacrifices to be with you and it is nice to treat them as the special people in your life that they are.  We had a glamorous evening at the Holiday Inn University Plaza with a party feel from beginning to end, the dance floor was always full!  In keeping with the underlined theme, Zach's grandmother made the beautiful cake and, get this, her dad had previously recorded himself signing their father/daughter dance.  It. Was. A. Surprise.  A beautiful, special, thoughtful, emotional surprise.


Everyone partied to the very end and the couple were the last to leave!  Talitha and Zach, your wedding was one that will always be dear to me, thank you for letting me play a part.  Happy 2nd Anniversary!!  Enjoy a few of my favorite pictures and check out their page for more.

I'll end with this one of Talitha and Zach during their first dance.  I love that they're both looking at their new name together!

Cheers to family, friends and soul mates!