Good Reads : Kidnapped By The Taliban


cover50589-smallAlthough the title may be tough, the book was very easy to read.  It kept my attention from the first chapter to the last.  I enjoyed reading Kidnapped by the Taliban because I felt that I was able to see into a life that was being persecuted.  I know there is no way to get the exact idea without having first hand knowledge but this book is as close as I want to get!  Dr. Joseph has dreams to help people and even under terrifying conditions he manages to have a unique bond with one of the kidnappers.  This book also gives a glimpse into the fact that members of the Taliban are simply still human beings.

It is easy to forget at times when violence is all you see and hear about that these people were once children.  For the most part they were taught to hate and rare times did they choose this life over different circumstances.

I would recommend this book; there are so many people that have and will be kidnapped by terrorists and I think it helps you connect to the raw emotions that these people experience.  And the heroism of them and their rescuers.