Blueberry Ginger Ice Tea - Homemade!!

I've mentioned my love for the Premium Binger Brew before but just to reiterate I LOVE it!  It's one of those drinks for me that I can actually taste while I'm craving it.  I've also mentioned before my love for Pinterest!  A while back I stumbled across a post from Marla with Family Fresh Cooking about a delicious sounding iced tea.

That was actually my first experience with Reed's Ginger Brew and Tetley's Black and Green Tea and now I love them both.  This drink was so good, I made it for some of my girlfriends one afternoon and it was a great hit.  Here are the simple ingredients:

4 cups boiling Water 2 cups Frozen Blueberries + 1 cup Water 1 tablespoon pure Honey 16 ounces (1 bottle) Ginger Beer (alcohol free) Optional -Ginger Juice

I didn't leave myself enough time to make the adorable ice cubes but I will for sure make them next time.  I think it adds to the display!  To make Blueberry Ice Cubes ... add some frozen blueberries to ice cube makers. Add more to some & less to others for variety. Fill with water & freeze 4 hours to overnight.

blueberry ice cubes

To make Tea ... Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Steep tea bags for 5 minutes. Gently squeeze bags, remove & discard.Let cool for a bit & transfer to fridge to chill.

To make Blueberry Juice ... in a saucepan bring blueberries to boil with 1 cup of water & honey. Mash berries against the side of pan to release juices. Place a fine mesh sieve over a heat safe bowl. Pour blueberry juice through the sieve. Again, mash the blueberries against the side of mesh to release juices. Discard mashed blueberries. Let cool a bit & transfer to fridge to chill.

In a large pitcher add the blueberry ice cubes, chilled tea & blueberry juice. Top with ginger beer. Add ginger juice to taste for a stronger, spicier ginger flavor.




Boiling my blueberries.  The smell was heavenly!

And boiling my tea!

This was after most of the drink had gone!

Cheers and here's to great drinks with great friends!