Blueberries + Sage, The Point and Straws

I don't know the date it started.  But I do know the date it ended.  June 30th 2011.  That was the last day for my out of control drinking.  In other words, I have been sober since July 1st 2011.

The act of ending was easy.  I have honestly never had days that I've been craving alcohol in such a bad way that it has almost led me back.  I have occasionally had friends over and there have been alcoholic drinks in my house and it wasn't hard for me to restrain.  I don't have a problem going to a party where most are drinking.  And I've bought Chad a six pack a few times and I've liked that he can enjoy a few beers.

For me on the other hand, a few beers wasn't worth my while.

You know when people have decaffeinated coffee?  What's the point??  I know they must like the taste, or something, but coffee is for the effect.  To me it was the same with drinking.  I know people have a few glasses of wine because they like the taste, or something, but wine was for the effect.  And I figured out, because I've always been ahead for my age, that if you haven't eaten then the effect will happen sooner.  So then the question is why eat?

We all know the reason for this.  Food helps absorb the alcohol so it doesn't enter your blood stream too quickly to prevent one from becoming intoxicated.  But, that was my point.  hiding. self-medicating. forgetting. becoming myself. having fun. networking.  All were reasons for me to be intoxicated.  I can now see though that none of those were reason to drink.  Until June 30th 2011, I guess I never knew that.  Or maybe I did know.  It just wasn't my time for it to sink in.

More on that later ... for now I will tell you that I still love to have a favorite drink in my hand.  I go through phases of favorite drinks, cranberry and orange juice, ginger beer, iced chai.  Coffee, in it's various forms, is a constant!  There is just something about drinking out of a fun mug or cool glass that gives you a sophisticated feel.  Unlike sticking out like a sore thumb with a kid's drink and a straw

These days I'm trying to drink more water and in order to do that I like to add things to make it have more taste than ... well ... water.  Blueberry and sage has been recommended to me and I thought I'd try it out.  Pretty tasty!  It would make a great drink to serve in the summer with lunch or at an event with the blueberries coloring the water just so.

What is your favorite non alcoholic drink?  I'm always looking for new things to try.  Have you ever had something that you knew you had to give up?