Birthday Brunch

My baby is one.   That is hard to say and type that!   I heard it a million times and it is true that they grow up too fast.   He is a moment from walking, right there and can take steps while holding on.   He has 7 teeth and had his first hair cut last weekend.   Crazy!!!   I'm working on things for his birthday party this weekend, we're having a simple brunch so people can just stop by for a few minutes and grab a donut or two!   I cleared out my kitchen last night and started setting all the platters and drink carafes up.   I'll post next week where I bought some of the items.

For now here are two pictures of one of the food areas and the beverage station.   I like to come up with my menu and then set out what platters and pitchers I'm going to use for each item.   Then so I don't forget which one is for what I stick a post it note!   More to come but I promised Chad I wouldn't go overboard!