Bachelorette Party Decor

Decorating for a lingerie party can be so much fun!  You can see some of the after pictures here on the post from yesterday, but here is a look behind the scenes ... and below the images are the free templates that you can download and use at your own Ooh La La event!

I love when an idea and the end design come together!   Ooh La La was our theme and the bride's colors were black, silver and white.  Very Audrey Hepburnish and chique!   Here is a list of things I used, change the color of card stock to match your Ooh La La party:

Silver Card Stock
Black marker
Black ribbon
Straight cutter (optional)
Decorative round punches (2.5 + 3.5 inches)
Small single hole punch
Invisible tape
Striped Straws (Target)
Access to printer

Cupcake Wrappers - Ooh La La

For the wrappers I simply used a template and wrote in words that I wanted.  Print the sheet out, then simply cut the wrappers and use some tape to attach the ends together.  Be careful placing the cupcakes in to not get icing all over your fingers.  This may or may not have happened with me!

Straw Flags - Ooh La La

The template above makes 18 tags.  When you print them, cut down the middle (this was when my straight cutter came in handy) and then fold each segment to make a flag.  Use invisible tape the length of the flag, place on the straw and stick both sides together.  Then cut a V shape at the end to make the flag.

Cupcake Toppers - Ooh La La

The toppers is when I used one of the round punches.  I have several sizes but for this I used 2.5 inches.  Simply punch them out or you could use decorative scissors and cut a circle.  Use invisible tape and stick a toothpick to the back and insert into the cupcake.

Banner - Ooh La La

For the banner I simply used a 3.5 inches round punch and punched circles out of the card stock to read Ooh La La Ashton.  I wrote the letters on the circles by hand to give it more personal touch.  Then use the small hole punch at either side of the circles and thread your ribbon through.