Bachelorette Parties!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This week, we’ve been doing a lot of talking about bachelorette parties. Eek! This is one of the most exciting events before you get hitched!

Did you know that bachelorette parties, also called “hen parties,” began during the 1960s? The only celebration type deal that was thrown for a bride before this point was the traditional bridal shower. The story goes that some bride-to-be decided there needed to be a more “personal” party thrown by her girlfriends in her honor, where she could open up gifts she wouldn’t want just anybody to see, such as lingerie!

And the rest is history. Bachelorette parties have certainly evolved over the past few decades but the concept has remained the same: the bridesmaids take the soon-to-be bride out for one final fling before the ring.

There are endless options when it comes to planning a bachelorette party. A weekend getaway in a big city is a popular idea, along with spa days, sports events, or just a night out on the town. But since it all started with lingerie…


Lingerie parties have been a favorite amongst brides when it comes to choosing a theme for their bachelorette party. It’s both sassy and sweet. If you’re in charge of throwing a lingerie party, here are a few tips and ideas to consider before the celebration:

  • Limit the guest list to people that the bride won’t feel uncomfortable or awkward around
  • Make sure all guests know to bring lingerie as gifts for the bride. What’s a lingerie party without lingerie?
  • Plan some games that will engage all of the guests
  • Decorate accordingly based on the theme
  • Serve small finger foods and desserts (chocolate-covered strawberries or cupcakes always fit the occasion)

 Leona recently did a little designing for an “Ooh La La!” lingerie party. Below are some pictures of some of the work she did. How cute are these cupcake wrappers and DIY banner? The straws with the flags give it all a great finishing touch.




Check back with us tomorrow where we will show you how to complete these DIY projects on your own!