Baby + Bear + Football + Photoshop


This is one of my favorites from Bronson's photo shoot.   Let me explain, he took a pacifier for maybe the first 6 weeks to two months, and after that all he needs is his two fingers!   So that face that you see ... I see that face every night.   It is his signature.   And the bear?   My sister bought it for us while I was pregnant and during an ultrasound we recorded his heart beat.   I love it!   Every month we take a picture of him and his heartbeat bear to watch his growth through the months.   One of my favorite sounds.   Click below if you care to listen!   Listen a few seconds in and you can really hear it.   Listen a few more seconds in and you can hear my mumbled voice saying that the nurse had to chase my babies heartbeat!   You never know what you get to hear from one day to the next.

Bronson's Heartbeat

In a totally unrelated topic, did you realize that yesterday was the very first official NFL game of the season??   When Chad told me that what we were watching was happening live, I was like "wow"!   What team are you going to be pulling for this season??   In the Morelock household I have to say that Steelers are our #1 pick followed closely by the Titans (per Chad).

And on yet another totally unrelated topic, I am trying so hard to do little things in photoshop and am having the hardest time!!!   I just want to make pretty graphics.   Anyone else have this problem?