Around Bowling Green with Leona + Pink Daisy

Good Friday!!  I'm not working at all this weekend and I can't wait for Chad to get home and spoil me.  I didn't mean that, I meant for Chad to get home and us to have a relaxing weekend as husband and wife and baby.

It's time for another installment of Around Bowling Green and this week we are visiting Pink Daisy.  I adore everything in the brightly colored store.  They are a luxury clothing store from the time you enter the doors with the service that you receive to the beautiful items.  Julia Hartz, Pink Daisy's manager, said that their clothes are great for work-at-home wedding + event designers.  Just putting it out there in case you know of any.

Below I have an interview with Julia that you'll want to check out. But first are these gorgeous pictures taken by Kelly Lee Flora Photography.  You can check out Julia's fashion blog here.

Pink Daisy's signature mascot is the cutest mascot ever!!

Even the dressing rooms make you feel like you are on vacation in a tropical place!

Blue stripes!

LM - What is your business name and how long have you been open?

JH -Pink Daisy is the name of our Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store. We have been open since April 11, 2013.

LM - What was your life like before what you do now?

JH -I've always loved working in retail, but it's safe to say that working in a Lilly store has been the most colorful and the most fun!

LM - What is the hardest part of managing a small business?

JH - The hardest part of managing a business is probably keeping a balance between your job and your personal life, but it's a happy balance! I have a fashion blog, and it's important to me to make time for that outside of work, but the two go hand in hand since many of the clothes I style are Lilly Pulitzer! I'm lucky to have a job where I love what I do. 

LM - What is your favorite part about what you do?

JH -My favorite part about what I do would have to be just the overall thrill of working for a company such as Lilly Pulitzer. It's an honor to work for such a colorful and bright brand, and I love that the excitement never ends with Lilly, because they keep reinventing themselves while maintaining their classic reputation. 

LM - If you could do any other job for a day what would it be?

JH -If I could do any other job for a day? (Other than trading places with Taylor Swift, right? Ha!) I would have to say being a Lilly Pulitzer Print Designer. The thought of actually being a part of the creative process of painting and editing the beautiful prints is something I've always wanted to do.

LM - What would you tell the younger version of you now that you know what you do?

JH - If I could tell the younger version of myself anything it would be to just keep being creative. When we're younger I feel like we're all trying to blend in, and now that I'm older I think it's more important to be who you really want to be, and let that stand out. 

LM - What is your favorite part about Bowling Green?

JH -My favorite part about Bowling Green is that it's a quaint and historic town, full of beautiful people and opportunities. I love that Bowling Green is my college town where so many memories were made and so many friends still come back to visit.

LM - Last but definitely not least, a gun is pointed at your head and you have to choose triple layer black forest cake with chocolate shavings, New York original cheesecake, or fruit?

JH -Triple layer black forest cake, of course! (I'm a chocoholic)

Thanks Julia, I look forward to shopping at Pink Daisy :)

Cheers to shopping, pretty colors and pretty clothes!